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Webhosting - Does location really matter?

If you are a new off-line retail sales business and are buying a high street shop then the main criteria is location, location, location. Simple, effective and works every time.

However, will this philosophy work for online businesses?

In many ways YES. As I have already mentioned to ensure your website is ranked well in your country's specific search results then where you host your website can be critical to its success. Why risk it when you can place your online business with a proper UK host quite often for just a few pounds more. But you should always check the host is a proper UK web host and that they have servers in the UK. And just as important for many that they provide UK support by UK staff.

Details on how you can check to see if your website is hosted in the UK here.

So location really does matter, not only for bricks-n-mortar but for your online business too.

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At Friday, March 30, 2007, Blogger ctabuk said...

Speaking as a Moderator over in web pro world - the question of where a server is situated arises virtually every week. And I am pleased to endorse this blog. It is spot on, 100% correct.

Cheers David Castle aka ctabuk


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